woman heart

Immersive Healthcare

Improve Patient Healthcare outcomes for women/girls with right fit cost effective and time saving emerging technology enabled innovative solutions using XR and AI



Digital patient education modules that are empathetic, engaging and personalized. Premium evidence backed content reviewed by highly experienced medical subject matter experts.

Medical Education

Medical Education with micro-credentialing support that save time with practice and quizzes High level of customization using various modalities for physicians, nurses, allied workers, vocational and undergraduate education as a test taking or credentialing tool


    Patient education modules for disease management with evdence backed content.

  • Heart Attack

    Visual gamified Interactive module for understanding women specific symptoms, care and steps to measure your own heart rate.

  • Heart Stroke

    Visual gamified Interactive module to help in understanding stroke related symptoms including post stroke care and management.



Class Immersive Learning Toolkit

A patent pending immersive learning toolkit that helps you create content with different modalities and integration to various standard based interfaces in EHR, EMR using standards API like SMART FHIR

Patient Education

Evidence backed data that help in educating patient with highly engaging content at home, in clinics or hospitals.

Medical Education

Medical education for classroom based training that assist for credentialing in a short time.using voice and ai assisted tools.

Health Education

Health literacy and education using simple modalities like mobile phones to teach about handwashing, COVID 19 or more

Sustainable Stories

  • Sustainability is related to good health. We use folklore stories to align to UN SDGgoals.